Scott Spiezio Tattoo

Scott Spiezio Tattoo

Former Major League Baseball player, Scott Edward Spiezio, made huge headlines in media during 2002 World Series when he showed his best performance of his career. At that time, he was playing for Anaheim Angles. Throughout his career, he has played for a number of teams including Seattle Marines, St. Louise Cardinals and Oakland Athletics. He started playing baseball from his school and continued playing in college and university as well. Read more »

Sara Spraker Tattoos

Sara Spraker Tattoo

Italian lady Sara Spraker is a model though, but she is most famous for her tattoo than her modeling profession. During an online survey, she was declared 34th hottest tattooed woman in the world. The survey was held in 2007 in which the website prepared a list of 101 hottest ladies with tattoos. At first, she is showing a tattoo around her bikini area which is a cute black colored butterfly. Read more »

James Staff Tattoos

James Staff Tattoo

British racing cyclist James Staff has represented his nation in various tournaments and has won medals and titles in these competitions. He has honor of representing his nation in tournaments such as Commonwealth Games, World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games. He was 9 when he started taking parts in racing using his BMX. Read more »

Staind Tattoo Pics

Staind Tattoo on Arm

Staind, today, is a well known band in America which was formed by Aaron Lewis and other members of the band in 1995 as rock band. The other members of the band include Mike Mushok, Jon Wysocki and Johnny April. They are most famous for using baritone guitar and 20 other guitar tunings during their songs. Till now, the band has been sold more than 15 million records. Some of the hit albums of the band include Tormented, Break the Cycle, Chapter, Dysfunction, 14 Shades of Grey, I Tunes Original and The Illusion of Progress. Read more »

Jewel Staite Tattoo Pictures

Jewel Staite Tattoo on Stomach

Canadian actress and model Jewel Staite was seen with some artificial tattoos in some of her movies and television series which were engraved on directions by the directors of these respective shows. These tattoos and designs were then removed by the lady after the need was over. However, she has also made some real tattoos on her body as well which she liked to show off. Read more »

Joseph Stalin Tattoo

Joseph Vissarionaovich Stalin

Joseph Vissarionaovich Stalin rose to fame during Second World War when he was the ruler of USSR. There have been reports about him that he was also fond of tattoo art as he had also made some tattoos on his body. It is said that he had a big tattoo on his chest which looked like a skull. Many say that it was a Death head tattoo. This is the one and only tattoo report about Stalin as there have been no other reports of tattoos about him. We cannot say this report is true as there has been no proof of it. Read more »

Sylvester Stallone Tattoos

Sylvester Stallone Tattoos

Sylvester Stallone does not require any sort of introduction for himself as he is already a famous personality who is known by the millions of people around the globe. He first to fame as an actor but then he also stepped in other related fields of acting and became a director, filmmaker and screenwriter. He has worked in many movies though, but is most famous for two movies named Rocky and Rambo where he portrayed Rocky Balboa and John Rambo. Read more »

Jessica Stam Tattoos Pictures

Jessica Stam Tattoo on Foot

Canadian Jessica Stam is a model and actor though, but she is most known in the modeling circle where she is known as a supermodel. She is said to be one of the top ten models of the world. She has made lots of money through modeling profession as she earns as much as 1.5 million per month or more. She is different from many other models in a way that she has a face and body which are perfect for the modeling. Read more »

Howard Stern Tattoos

Howard Stern Tattoo on arm

American author, actor, television host and radio personality, Howard Stern, is most famous for his radio show The Howard Stern Show which has more than 20million viewers and is considered one of the most successful and most listened radio show in America. Read more »

Paul Stanley Rose Tattoo Pictures

Paul Stanley Rose Tattoo

Member of rock band KISS was born as Stanley Eisen but he is known among his fans as Paul Stanley. He is an actor, singer, guitarist, songwriter, painter and musician. Read more »