Betty Broderick CHildren

Betty Broderick

Betty Broderick

Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick, 62, has been denied parole by the commissioner of the board of prison terms—Robert Doyle—on the grounds that she was still angry on what her husband did with her and she had not showed any signs of remorse for committing a heinous crime. Deputy Commissioner—Carol Bentley—is also agreed with the decision and thinks that she should not be released as she might commit another murder.

Elizabeth “Betty” Broderick who was the wife of famous lawyer had killed her husband with his new wife while sleeping in 1989. Her husband had dumped her and got married with his young legal assistant. Betty still blames her husband for whatever she has done.

In 1991, the court sent her for whole 32 years in prison. She still feels the pain and the shock that her husband gave her. She is also fighting a custody battle for her children.

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