Buncombe County Schools Closed Due To Weather

Snow covered Western North Carolina this morning causing school closings and making travel treacherous. State’s Transportation Department reported that Henderson, Transylvania and Jackson counties roads were covered this morning. Highway Patrolling Troops are responding to multiple accidents. One dispatcher said that situation will turn worst.

The National Weather Service issued storm warning for 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday. The moisture of Gulf of Mexico is colliding with cold temperatures and has potential to pile snow up to 8 inches in the first major snowstorm of the season across Western North Carolina.

Buncombe Schools Logo

Buncombe Schools Logo

Doug Miller is associate professor of atmospheric sciences at UNC Asheville, he says that storm tracking is ideal and it will bring a lot of snow with it. A lot of snow is expected too and will continue through Saturday with 4-8 inches snow in Asheville while North County and northern mountains are expecting 12 inches of snow and Mount Mitchell up to 14 inches. Swain and Graham counties will have probably less accumulation of 1-2 inches and temperature is expected to remain below 30 Degree Celsius. This winter has brought a lot of snow and rain with it and 2 years old rain record has already been broken.
Miller said if it had happened in summer then we would had more rain but it came in winter so we will have more snow.

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