Curve Treadmill

For those who are conscious of their fitness and are always looking for better ways to reduce calories, Woodway has come up with an excellent and very useful solution. Woodway has recently introduced a masterpiece in the world of fitness by designing the Curve Treadmill. It is a perfect machine for those who think that the conventional treadmills are not efficient enough to help users perform exhaustive exercises.

The new Curve Treadmill by Woodway is better as compared to the conventional treadmills already in market in a way that this treadmill requires the user to use his own muscles to push the running surface rather than providing him with the automatic motorized running surface. In this way, the user is allowed to burn more calories by using more muscles. Hence it helps in achieving better fitness level and gives virtually a real and complete walking experience. Moreover, it is not less effective than the older version when it comes to level of cardiovascular exercise and heart rate elevation.

The machine has so far got a great positive response from the users and seeing its effectiveness, it is expected to replace the older conventional version of treadmills available in market. So don’t be late in experimenting this wonderful addition in the world of fitness.

The Woodway Curve treadmill

The Woodway Curve treadmill

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