Dr. Abigail Tyler Nome Alaska

Alien Abduction Of Nome

Alien Abduction Of Nome

“The Fourth Kind”, a horror thriller, is a movie which is about the unbeleivable disappearences of Nome residents. The movie tries to say that all these disappearences are the results of alien abductions in Nome and for the proof the movie also shows the interviews of the witnessess who saw the aliens in the area of Nome, Alaska. The movie is a mixture of horror and science fiction which shows how the aliens are coming on our earth for several years and how they are kidnapping our fellow beings and Nome, Alaska is probably the best place for them to kidnap a human being.
What is the reality behind the disappearences of people in nome, alaska? the reality is that yes, there was a string of disappearences on the west coast of Alaska and FBI Officials were also called to investigate on the matter as it was becoming more serious for the residents, after full investigation of 20 cases, they concluded that there were no reality about the alien abductions in Nome, Alaska and the disappearences were the reason of alcohol and frigid temperatures in which 9 bodies were never found.
Paul Halpern is the professor of physics at The University of Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and researches on the possibility of extraterrestrial life, he said that it can only possible through fiction and not as an actual scientific scale of measurement.
The movie was filmed in Balgaria and is based on the previous alien documentaries and the photos captured by Dr. Abigail Tyler depicting disturbing scenes. however, director claims the authenticity of the incidents showed in film but the reality is that there is nothing like alien abduction in our daily life.
Halpern says

“I think that it’s fun to have fictional movies about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, but it’s important for the public to understand the difference between science and science fiction,” Halpern said. “Almost all scientists I know believe that there’s no evidence of encounters between humans and alien life forms. Right now, astronomers are [still] trying to find evidence of very simple life forms in space.”

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