Hannah and Masons Cranbury NJ closed

Hannah and Masons

Hannah and Masons

Hannah and Masons restaurant has been closed .It gained popularity when it featured on “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”. Another report

says that restaurant is having some financial problems. Hannah and Masons is located in a very beautiful house on Main St. in Cranbury between New Brunswick and Princeton. But now people are criticizing Ramsey for everything. During the “Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares”, Ramsey changed the hotel menu and now people are saying that he is the man because of whom everything is happening.
A report says that a couple went to the restaurant for dinner and found out it was closed. The couple was shocked when they saw FOR SALE sign on the door of the French-inspired restaurant. The restaurant is very famous due to its inside romantic décor. It is said that the restaurant was facing financial issues from a long time and apparently has opted to close its doors. It’s also said that the Brit redid the menu in the style of a middle-class English restaurant and chased everyone away.
Hannah and Masons has been an awesome place to have an exotic dinner and it’s a high-end French-influenced new American place. Overall impression of the restaurant is very good. It’s better to wait fro an update about Hannah and Masons, because the exact reason of closing has not been confirmed yet.

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