Hayley Kissel

Hayley Kissel

Hayley Kissel

Hayley Kissel was a wife of Andrew Kissel. In every murder, the spouse is considered as person of interest same has happened in the case of Andrew Kissel murder.
Andrew Kissel murdered on April 3, 2006. He was US real estate developer. The workers in the basement of the home found his body. The cause behind the murder is still a misty. Many people had problem with him including those from the U.S. Justice Department, several multi-billion dollar corporations/conglomerates, and his own wife.
Robert Kissel was the brother of Andrew Kissel. His wife Nancy Kissel killed him in Hong Kong in 2003.
Hayley Kissel had filled a divorce in 2005 and gone to court to remove Andrew Kissel from the rented house. Andrew Kissel’s divorce lawyer, Howard Garber said,

“By the time the motion was heard, she would have, at best, had possession of the home for three or four days.”

On May 22, 2005, Hayley expressed her frustrations in an email to her sister-in-law Jane, the email began “GOD I HATE YOUR BROTHER,” She also wrote in the same email,

“Do you know last night in bed, I could actually see myself pummeling him to death and just enjoying the sensation of each and every shot and then this morning as I pulled out of the garage… all I wanted to do was crash into his Ferraris.”

She also described her husband in the email as “an awful awful pathetic person.”
Former Stamford detective Vito Colucci said about Andrew Kissel’s murder “not your typical contract killing where you give a guy a shot.” He is of the opinion that one of his enemies hired someone to kill him as a punishment.

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