Jackie Braxton

Jackie Braxton

Jackie Braxton

Jackie Braxton was arrested after posting a video on internet claiming she infected more than 500 people with HIV. She has been released from custody after being tested negative of HIV / AIDS at the Health Department. The video posted on Mediatakeout.com, she appeared disguised with a bandanna covering her mouth and nose saying that she was infected with the disease in 1998 and set out to destroy the world because she was upset.

Jackie Braxton, a married amateur porn star claimed she put out the video to raise awareness about HIV. She told the Detroit News that she did not have AIDS or HIV and made the tape to market her porn website. Braxton, 23, said,

“I don’t have AIDS. I didn’t infect anybody because I don’t have it. I made the tape because I wanted to raise awareness about AIDS. People are still in the dark.”

Braxton, who uses the stage name “Fame”, said she has received some threatening e-mails as a result of the video. Deputy Chief James Tolbert said,

“We are 100-percent positive it was a hoax.”

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