Job Mccully

Job Harrison Mccully was diagnosed at the age of four with the high risk of Acute Lymphoblactic Leukemia. He and his family travelled to San Antonio, TX to Methodist Children Hospital for a bone marrow transplant (BMT).
Job has started to get well after his BMT on 10/08/02. Job has to face many problems and infections but since that day he has gradually getting well. One of the problems he is facing is Bronchiolitis Obliterans which has caused bad damage to his lungs. Doctors from Arkanas Children’s Hospital has resulted that lung transplant should be done because Job’s lungs are become thickened and there elasticity is giving up.

Doctors are referring Job to Texas Children Hospital for his transplant to begin. Job will be put on waiting list as soon as the paperwork and other medical processes will be done. His family will have to move to Houston, TX temporarily to wait for his transplant that would take atleast two to three months. They will also be required to stay back for minimum of three after the transplant. The family needs to stay in Houston for approximately for six months. The overall expenses are very high even they are getting medical insurance. There are lots of risks to Job as his transplant is of serious nature.

mccully family

mccully family

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