Julie Chen birthday

Julie Chen

Julie Chen

CBS’s producer and famous TV personality Julie Chen turns 40 today. So it is her birthday today. It’s an occasion to celebrate not only for her family but for her fans as well. “Big Brother” host Julie Chen and his husband CBS President and CEO Leslie Moonves welcomed their new family member a baby boy named Charlie on 24th September in Los Angeles. So it’s again a joyous moment for her family.

Julie was a brilliant student when she attended Junior High School and she won the title of “Most Intelligent” and “Most Likely to Succeed.” When she started her career she was a reporter and weekend anchor and then she hosted of the American version of Big Brother. She was the anchor of both shows CBS Morning News & The Early Show from 1999 to 2002. Julie is also a news anchor and journalist and she also have news casting experience of 14 years. Her grandfather was a leading industrialist. She completed her studies from the University of Southern California.

In 1991, Julie graduated in broadcast journalism and in 2004 she married Leslie Moonves. Even during her pregnancy she continued her work and didn’t take medical leave. She earned the nick of “Chenbot” because of her wooden delivery during live programs and she has also acknowledge the same and proudly proclaimed, “I am the Chenbot!” We wish her very Happy Birth Day and pray for a successful and bright future ahead.

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