Peter King Radicalization Muslim Hearing

The Long Island Rep. Peter King started a controversial debate yesterday by stating that American-Muslims were doing too little to fight against terrorism and the level of radicalization was increasing in them rapidly. The Muslims in America are opposing the debate and they are saying the hearing itself is quite radical as it is questioning the loyalty of Muslims living in America. On Thursday, Peter King held a Homeland Security hearing in which he raised questions about the loyalties of American-Muslims and said that their role was not looking appropriate.

Two persons immediately came forward to rescue Muslims, Rep. Keith Ellison is the first Muslim member of Congress, he came forward saying the America should not have raised questions regarding the loyalties of American-Muslims as they loved the country same as other Americans. He spoke about a young cadet named Salman Hamdani who lost his life on 9/11 day while rescuing the victims. He said he was a brave cadet who lost his life for other Americans and he did not see what their religions were, he just went there to help them and died saving the lives of many others.

Later, the mother of the young cadet also came forward and she said that the loyalty of his son remained in question for six months unless the New York Police Department found his remains, the remains of young cadet were found after six months. The mother, Talat Hamdani, called the hearing an indictment of the American-Muslims and she said she was against this.

Earlier, the New York Police Department included his name in the list of suspicious people mere because he was a Muslim and they thought he would have been included in a terrorist group after 9/11 but then they came to know that actually he had been died.

Peter King remained favoring this hearing saying there were nothing like radicalization and un-American in this hearing and the Muslim community should not have shown their severe response.

Peter King Radicalization Muslim Hearing

Peter King Radicalization Muslim Hearing

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