Princeton MN Bomb Threat

Police is on high alert after 3 suspicious packages were found on different locations of the Princeton MN Town. People of the Town got terrified after having the news of bomb threats. Princeton school District directed all the school to remain closed. According to the news, a package was found from the school and the school was got vacated immediately. Almost 3500 students were sent to their home after the bomb threat.
First package was found near the post office building.
The second one was discovered from city public utilities office and the third was in the school building.
The high school and south elementary schools were successfully vacated and the children were moved to the middle school and north Elementary. This was done for parents’ convenience in picking up their children.
According to the police, all the three locations have been cleared and there is no need to panic about the situation. FBI spokesman E.K. Wilson said

“There’s no threat associated with these packages, no claim of responsibility or demand at this point,”

According to Princeton Mayor Jeremy Riddle, all the streets, roads, public buildings of the city have been checked and no more threats have been recovered. He further said

“All the packages have been secured and we don’t currently consider them to be dangerous,”

City Council member Victoria Hallin said

“There is not a hot-button issue in the community that would inspire anyone to do anything so vile,”

Police has increased the security checking in the town and are completely prepared to counter any threats.

Princeton MN Bomb Threat

Princeton MN Bomb Threat

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