Reason Behind Michelle O Keefe’s Murder

In 2000 an 18-year-old girl named Michelle O Keefe was murdered in a parking lot by an unknown person, when she was getting inside her car. The murder was reported to police by a security guard named Raymond Lee Jennings, who was on duty at that time.

The investigation went on for five years with arrests of 10 suspects. Finally in 2005 the same security guard who reported the murder was arrested on suspicion. After the arrest of Jennings the trial went on for further 4 years until finally in 2009 Raymond Lee Jennings was convicted for second degree murder and sentenced to 40 years in prison.

The above story is known by almost everyone who uses the internet, but there are many things to ponder over in this case. The first thing is that what motive Jennings had to murder a teenager. He wasn’t an enemy of the family, he didn’t know Michelle and even if he did murder her why wouldn’t he confess even after 9 years of the incident. Apparently he was proved a murderer and no one can argue with that, but all I ask for is a reason, what was the reason behind the murder. Jennings didn’t assault Michelle sexually before the murder and Michelle wasn’t the member of some dark mafia group, because of which she might have been an enemy of Jennings. She was just a cheerleader. So what drove Jennings to attempt the murder? These questions should be answered by the very judicial system that jailed Jennings, because the responsibility of the court is not just to punish people, but eradicate the factors that cause crimes.



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