Rose Dawson Titanic Survivor

Rose Dawson of Titanic (1997).Oh Yes! The same Titanic which sank many years ago and I am talking about the same blockbuster hit movie, titanic by James Cameron.

Who does not know anything about Titanic? Most of us know about it. But the question arise that how many of us knows the truth of Titanic? How many of us knows the difference between the real Titanic story and the fake fictional scenes created by James Cameron to hit the movie and to grab the viewer?s attention.

Yes! What ever you are thinking is right. Titanic movie is not fully based on the reality. A lot of scenes and even the characters in this movie are fake and totally fictional.

The two main characters; Jack Dawson portrayed by Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie and Rose DeWitt Bukater, the very emotional high class girl portrayed by Kate Winslet are totally James self created hero and heroine. There was no such hero and heroine in the real Titanic.

There were few more characters which are totally fictional such as Rose?s mother, her fianc? and the third class low status passengers which includes Jack?s friends.

Many more minute details in the movie were copied from the movie on titanic, which was pasteurized in 1958 named ?A night to remember?. James Cameron purchased the copy rights of that move in order to avoid copyright problems.

Some scenes in the movie were real such as a lady who was shown frozen with her baby in her lap. Yes! Unfortunately that scene was real.

Some people are still curious about the Jack and Rose and the truth is that both the characters were fictional.

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Titanic News

Jack and Rose in Titanic

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