Ryan Jenkins Arrested

The contestant of television reality show “Megan Wants A Millionare”, Ryan Jenkins allegedly has been arrested in Toronto, according to reports. According to a report in the Vancouver Province, 32-year-old Ryan Jenkins, who was accused of murdering swimsuit and Playboy model Jasmine Fiore, has been arrested by the Canadian authorities on Friday night at about 11:30 p.m. after his his Air Canada flight landed in Toronto.

Keith Brodie, the Peel Regional Police Staff Sgt. told the newspaper that the authorities were initially not sure that whether he is Ryan Jenkins or not, but the man they arrested was very cooperative during investigation. Brodie told City News Service that he went to the airport with several other police officers after he received a report that,

“A gentleman generally fitting the description of Jenkins, was seen”

TMZ reported that police walked to the plane with Ryan’s photograph in which the suspect was traveling. After they found their man they asked if he is the man they are looking for and after that he was taken into the police custody. But later on the man caught was released as he was not Ryan Jenkins.

According to reports from The Province, on Friday afternoon Jenkins took a flight from Nanaimo to the city of Vancouver. His abandoned SUV and an empty boat trailer at a launch in Blaine, was discovered by police in Bellingham, Washington, and after that a nationwide arrest warrant was issued by the police against Ryan Jenkins. But the man that was arrested was not Ryan Jenkins.

Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins

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