Sanford Wallace

Spam King

Spam King

Sanford Wallace also known as “Spamford” has lost a lawsuit against Facebook. He was blamed of sending mails and posts without permission of the social networking website’s users. Court found him guilty and fined of about $711.2 million Dallors and the amount will be given to Facebook. He was also fined last year for about $230 million Dollors for sending porn spam to MySpace users.
Facebook claims that the fine was the second largest in history for an anti-spam action.

“While we don’t expect to quickly collect the full amount, we’ll work hard to get everything we can,” said a Facebook spokesman. “We’re confident that today’s ruling will act as a powerful deterrent against those who would abuse Facebook and its users.”

According to the sources judge also referred Wallace for prosecution for contempt of court. He is a jailbird who often spends time in jail.

“The ruling is the result of tireless effort by our security and legal teams, which work to find, expose, and prosecute the sources of spam attacks,” the Facebook spokesman said. “These efforts complement the sophisticated technical systems we continue to develop to limit the impact of these attacks, and where possible, block them altogether.”

Span king Sanford Wallace is the most notorious personality on the Net World. He has announced that he will try to legitimize junk email. His company Cyber Promotions has started working on the project of Internet Service Provider that will be specifically for themselves and their junk-emailing colleagues.

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