Snow Emergency Levels In Ohio

 Bad Weather

Bad Weather

As of 6 a.m. Saturday, following 3 counties are under Level 3 snow emergency and the counties are Jefferson County, Belmont County and Guernsey County while Monroe County is under Level 2 snow advisory. In Ohio, the county sheriffs’ offices use following three levels of emergencies for snow that are Level 1 for Snow Alert, Level 2 for Snow Advisory and Level 3 for Snow Emergency.

Level 3 is used to represent serious condition in which people are not allowed to go out unless it is too important. All the roads tend to close and traveling seems impossible. Emergency crews urge people to go home and stay there with their family members.

West Virginia who does not contain a snow emergency level system is under a state of emergency. Although, there are no restrictions regarding traveling on roads but emergency crews are on the roads to handle any serious condition.

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