Tom Watson Hip Replacement

Tom Watson a legendary golfer has a hip replacement surgery by Dr. Joel Matta at Saint John’s Health Center on Oct. 2. Watson was all good the next day he had surgery and he was only assisted by a cane. He is recovering quick after his successful surgery and is doing rehabilitation exercises at his home in Kansas City, Mo. Watson was quite happy about this decision of having surgery, because of the successful surgeries happened in the past records.

“The aim of Tom Watson to have a hip replacement surgery was to get back to the professional game,”said Dr. Matta, Medical Director of the Hip and Pelvis Institute of Saint John’s Health Centre. Besides having rapid recovery, the anterior approach hip replacement reduces the hip muscle injury and increases the accuracy of the leg length and hip structure.

Watson is looking forward to return to the golf at the Senior Skins Game in January 2009 right three months after his surgery.

Joel Matta being the Medical Director of the Hip and Pelvis Institute at Saint John’s Health Centre introduced the anterior approach procedure in North America. He is the head of many organizations and teaches other surgeons about the anterior approach technique globally. Dr. Matta and the other surgeons of the institute Andrew Yun, MD and Robert Klenck, Md have done over 2,000 primary hip replacements through anterior approach.

Saint John’s Health Centre was formed in 1942 by the Sisters of the Charity of Leavenworth.

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