Train Accident in Spain

According to the latest updates regarding train accident in Spain, a group of youngsters, that was walking across the railway lines as they had to reach to a beach party and the way was selected by them being a shortcut to their destination, got an accident with a train which was on full speed and going to the railway station of seaside.

Latest reports claim that around 14 people have got minor and major injuries and there are around 12 people who have lost their lives in this train accident in Spain and the figure can increase, said by the local officials of Spain on Thursday i.e. today June 24, 2010. Though there are many accidents that have happened in Spain but this accident is considered as deadliest accident of train in their history since the year 2003.

It was year 2003 when around 19 people had lost their lives in a train accident which was actually a collision between two trains; one was a freight train and the other was a passenger train. This accident had happened in Chinchilla’s southeastern town.

Reports claim that all the youngsters were got off a passenger train at around midnight Wednesday as they were to reach a beach party which was arranged to celebrate the start of summer. They had to reach to Castelldefels which is one of the popular beach resorts in Spain. Some eyewitnesses told that near around 30 youngsters selected a short cut to cross the tracks by climbing down the platform instead of using an underpass which has been made for the purpose.

Then suddenly people saw a train coming towards the youth in high speed as it was not a scheduled stop for that train and collided with the youngsters.

Train Accident

Train Accident

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